Best Mlm Companies

So, you are looking for the best mlm companies huh? I totally understand, and part of the reason I really love my mlm review blog is because I get to feed the nerd in me that loves to research. Before you join a mlm you need to know some of the challenges you might face … [Read more…]

Plexus Slim Reviews – So Much to Talk About

Here’s something interesting! The amount of Plexus Slim Reviews out there! Why so interesting you ask? Because for the first time in forever (Yes…that’s a Frozen refernce) a mlm like Plexus Slim is doing something different. Thank goodness right?? For the first time, I have found a mlm that is global that is not at … [Read more…]

Vemma and Kids – Shut ‘er Down!

Vemma Energy Drinks and the Kids Whether you say vemma or veema….It’s over. ….For now anyways. What will Vemma reps do now? Vemma got shut down as of the this posting. Why? Kids. Don’t they just ruin everything? Just kidding! What’s the scoop? The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) shut ‘er down!   They were basing this … [Read more…]

Intimate Expressions – The Sexy MLM?

Well…I’m not sure what to say about Intimate Expressions. I mean, I can talk about the compensation plan and how awesome it is that you get to make money off of sex toys if that’s your sort of thing. I knew a horrible decision making teacher once that only ever talked about her “rabbit” and … [Read more…]

Make Money with Send Out Cards?

When I first heard about people that make money with Send Out Cards, I thought that they were crazy. Really? You can make money off of Christmas Cards? Once I started to hear more about the program, then I was kind of like….Really? You CAN make money with Send Out Cards??!!! I have a friend … [Read more…]